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Why should I join Sifu Meng Kung Fu Academy?

1) Schedule:
We are open 7 days a week, Flexible schedule.

2) Payment:
1st step:
sign up $39.99 for introduction program (3cclasses between 2 weeks), never try never know.
2nd step: sign up one year $100 per month you can take class any day any time.
During promotion you can get one month free and uniform free.

3) Program:
Our program cover most martial art styles: Self Defense, Wushu, Shaolin, All weapons, Taichi, Gymnastics, Lion Dragon Dance Performance, Kick boxing, Sparring, Yoga...etc

4) Activity:
We provide a lot of performance-tournament Kung fu movies, TV show, Kung Fu Summer classes, Kung if camp (6/20-8/20).

5) Benifit
Sign up 1 yr: one month free uniform free.
Sign up black belt program: 1 yr free for member of family.
Little kids: Listening / discipline.
Teen age : Flexibly / balance / coordination / Build confidence -Build grade / Self discipline.
Adults: Self defense-lose weight / Relaxation / Pain relief / more anergy.