We teach Kung Fu all styles, all weapons, all of form, all taichi styles. If you want to learn some of them, please make an appointment for try out ( free try out).

1) Instructors
Are they competent, courteous, and fun to work with? At Sifu Meng Kung Fu, our staff is knowledgeable and energetic. We have decades of combined teaching experience. A variety of personalities are available, including Sifu Meng himself and students are welcome to spend their class time with the available instructor of their choioe.

2) Curriculum
Will it be exciting, interesting, and useful? Sifu Meng's diverse background has yielded a program that is comprehensive and dynamic, providing the student with a solid martial arts foundation. The basic curriculum runs the gamut of empty hand and weapon styles, providing a fresh experience and a new challenge at every level from white belt to black belt.

3) Scheduling
Are the class times convenient and practical for me or my child? Sifu Meng Kung Fu offers the ultimate in schedule flexibility. We are open seven days a week at all locations. Students are free to arrive at any time during operating hours any time at all! Our staff is always ready to guide you toward the next step in your learning process.

4) Financing
Does the tuition fall within my budget, and what are the terms? Sifu Meng Kung Fu offers a wide variety of payment options to accommodate the needs of anyone interested in martial arts. We offer short- term and long-term installment plans including promotional rates for certain membership periods. Ask about our group discounts for families and our bonuses offered for referrals!

5) Good Discipline
Will martial arts training cause my child to become aggressive or combative? At Sifu Meng Kung Fu we train not only the body, but the mind as well. We teach restraint and discipline, and encourage all students to resolve conflicts without violence. Invariably, a student of martial arts develops an appreciation for the damage that unnecessary violence can cause making them far less likely to act out in anger toward another human being

6) Good physical Training
Can kung fu practice stunt my child's growth and cause him or her to remain short in stature? This is a common misconception that is ly untrue the Sifu Meng Kung program. Many well-known kung fu athletes and action movie stars short in stature, but this is because the coaches and trainers intentionally choose people with smaller frames to compete. fu athletics are similar to gymnastics. A strong body with shorter limbs is advantageous at the highest levels of competition. Other sport have different requirements. Martial arts training does not make you short, just as playing basketball does not cause you to grow taller!

練功長不高是一个常见的误解, 此幻覺源于選材、專業訓練及普通訓練要求不同所致 :

(1)專業訓練: 教练故意选择身材矮小, 训练人便于增加速度竞争力及靈活性, 不是因果关系 。
(2)普通訓練: 練功是一种全面性運動, 有助于人体舒筋活血, 活動關節有肋增長發育长得更高 。